Help Center

To create a wallet account, follow the onboarding process, which includes verifying your identity online, linking your account to your email and setting up the 6-digit passcode.

To add funds to your wallet, follow the steps to deposit cryptocurrency from an external wallet or by using fiat card payment gateway to deposit. With each deposit you directly are buying crypto (or stablecoins) - no fiat balances are supported within TENT wallet.

To send cryptocurrency to other wallets, follow the steps to initiate a transaction and paste the recipient's wallet address or by scanning the QR code.

To receive cryptocurrency, provide your wallet address to the sender and wait for the transaction to be confirmed on the blockchain. The length may vary according to the selected blockchain and network traffic.

Currently, TENT wallets are hosted with TENT so you don’t need any seed recovery phrase. To recover a lost or stolen wallet, install the app again and log in or register with the same email. Your balances will be re-linked. You can always contact the wallet support team for assistance.

If you experience payment errors, check for common issues such as incorrect wallet addresses or insufficient funds, or contact the wallet support team for assistance. The speed of blockchain transactions may vary.

You can request deletion in the application in the Account section, or via the web form here.

To get a TENT card, click on the card icon in the TENT wallet and follow the instructions, including confirmation of your shipping address.

Once you receive your TENT card, click on the card icon in your TENT wallet to activate it. More detailed instructions will be included in the cover letter with your card.

TENT users do not need to take extra steps to transfer funds to the card. You can link a selected wallet to your card, and the transfer is done automatically before each card transaction.

If your card was permanently lost or stolen, you can block it permanently and apply for a new one. A temporary card lock (freeze) will also be available very soon.

To keep your wallet secure, follow best practices such as enabling biometrics in the menu Settings, keeping your 6-digit passcode and also your email box secure

Currently, your TENT wallet is hosted by TENT as a custodial wallet so the private keys are with TENT. Once we introduce the integrated self-custodial wallet later in 2023, you will have the choice to store your funds autonomously.

You can change your 6-digit passcode in the menu Settings.

To deactivate or close your account, you can close your account in the Settings menu. Please make sure your balance is swiped out before closing the account.

To view your transaction history, access your wallet and view the transaction history in each particular wallet.

If you have issues with transactions, such as incorrect amounts or incorrect addresses, contact the wallet support team for assistance.