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We are passionate about helping people connect with each other and we believe that technology with TENT app can be used to make the world a better place.

Tent App - Cryptocurrency Trading
Tent App - Cryptocurrency Trading
Tent App - Cryptocurrency Trading

Buying and selling cryptocurrency made easy

Easy and intuitive to use and navigate

Take advantage of a simple onboarding process and user friendly environment.

Pay online with card and receive crypto immediately

You can purchase crypto with your card and receive it into your wallet immediately.

Simple and transparent fee structure

Enjoy low fees that are clearly indicated and easy to understand.

Tent App - Cryptocurrency Trading

INTENT Utility Token

Discover INTENT, our utility token designed to reduce fees for TENT app users. INTENT utility tokens are fully deployed. Rewards for our most active users are live with monthly token airdrops.

Explore the advantages of INTENT token on our website: www.intent-token.com. INTENT is on the verge of listing on both centralized (CEX) and decentralized (DEX) exchanges.

Secure your long-term investment now, as after the IEO, it must be earned through activity.

Spend crypto without limits with TENT Mastercard. Launch Q3 2024

Order your card easily inside the app

Receive your card anywhere within a few days

Pay with merchants that accept Mastercard issued cards

Make payments at stores and online payments anywhere

Withdraw money from ATMs that accept Mastercard issued cards

Take advantage of access to cash money internationally through any ATM

Tent App - Cryptocurrency Trading
Tent App - Cryptocurrency Trading

Link your TENT card with cryptocurrency of choice

Choose and change the cryptocurrency used for payments

Link your card with any cryptocurrency held within your wallet

Transaction history both in crypto and regular currency

View past transactions both in crypto value and merchant currency

Control your card setup and profile

Manage your spending limits, transactions and card status

Choose from many different cryptos and tokens

Leading cryptocurrencies and tokens

Buy, sell or trade leading cryptocurrencies and tokens

Wide range of leading stablecoins

Choose from a selection of currency based stablecoins

Real time cryptocurrency value information

Monitor information regarding current value of crypto assets

Tent App - Cryptocurrency Trading
Tent App - Cryptocurrency Trading

Create and manage your own crypto portfolio

Open account and trade crypto easily without limits

It takes just a few steps and approximately five minutes to open your account and start trading

Enjoy the highest level of security and guarantees

TENT is built on banking level technology and does not in any way trade with user assets

Pay online and have your crypto immediately

You can pay your crypto online and in turn receive it immediately to your wallet

Click on any AppStore or GooglePlay icon featured throughout the site. You will then be redirected to the official store page of the app where you can download it free of charge.

TENT app was created in order to make crypto accessible and easy to understand. It is therefore extremely easy to use and navigate. Basically, it is intuitive and requires no prior knowledge.

To activate your account you must first download the app. When you open the app for the first time you will be asked to provide a set of information to verify your identity and to access or restore your account in the future.

All TENT users must verify their identity as required by the law and applicable regulations. You will need to provide a copy of your ID and a set of personal information. However, the proces is fully automated and online. It will také you approximately five minutes to complete. Immediately afterwards you will gain full access to your user account.

Yes. With TENT you can buy crypto using our online payment gateway and pay with your personal debit or credit card. You will have your crypto in your wallet just moments after payment.

TENT app is free to use. However, fees can be applied for certain types of transactions. You can view the full set off fees and limit regarding the use of TENT on this link.

TENT app uses the highest level of security and protection. It has been developed in compliance with highest standards regarding app security and protection. Also, its security is being periodically tested by a certified third party.