Passive income
with TENT Masternodes

Enjoy ongoing passive income whilst securing your overall investment and protecting the TENT Blockchain from hacking attacks.

Join the TENT Blockchain and be your own bank with TENT Masternodes.

What is a Masternode?

A Masternode is simply a cryptocurrency full node or computer wallet that keeps the full copy of the blockchain in real-time to help secure the network. Masternodes form an essential part of the TENT ecosystem, as they:
  • Help to validate transactions on the blockchain
  • Help to provide 51% attack resistance on the TENT network
  • Provide an added layer to the network which will be expanded and built upon as TENT grows

Protect your

By holding Masternodes, you become part of the protection for your own asset.

Join our Blockchain

Masternode holders are granted voting rights on parts of the direction of the TENT coin.

Join our Blockchain

Masternode holders are granted voting rights on parts of the direction of the TENT coin.

Passive Income

Of around 37% p/a on your initial stake

Passive Income

Of around 37% p/a on your initial stake

What do Masternode holders get?

Because Masternode holders are an essential foundation of our TENT ecosystem, each holder gets a reward in TENT coin based on the amount of Masternodes they hold.

10,000 TENT coins are required as collateral along with operating and managing a server to ensure your Masternode is always online.

In return, holders currencly get a reward of around 3,700 TENT coins p/a - an increase of 37% from the initial 10,000 TENT coin collateral.

Protecting the TENT ecosystem

Keeping us running...

TENT masternodes act to validate transactions across the blockchain, as all holders are helping us to validate real time transactions.

Keeping us stable...

As we keep a high percentage of TENT coin locked in masternodes, it helps us to improve the overall stability of the TENT coin value.

Keeping us secure...

TENT masternodes also protect the ecosystem against hacking attacks, technically known as 51% attacks.

TENT Core - Full Node Wallet

To hold Masternodes on the TENT blockchain, it is necessary to download and install our TENT Core wallet. This is a full node wallet which:
  • Keeps a full copy of the blockchain and runs a node containing the blockchain when running.
  • is a multicurrency wallet with masternode support.
  • Is a Multilanguage Wallet

Masternode requirements

To become a Masternode holder and secure your own investment, we have tutorials available for setting a Masternode up.

Holders must commit to acquiring at least 10,000 TENT coins which are locked as collateral,  and provide a private or dedicated server to run 24/7. We also offer fully managed or part managed solutions to help everyone take part.

Technical Specifications

Fully synced local wallet (TENT Core Wallet) VPS with the following minimum requirements: 1 Core CPU , 1024 MB Memory,  20 GB HDD Storage, Linux Ubuntu 

Masternode Setup

We also offer a tool for easy one-click Masternode installation. Simply copy and paste your VPS details and leave the coding to us!

Download our wallet


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