Become a Masternode holder

Before you can take advantage of Masternode rewards on the TENT blockchain, there are some simple but necessary setup steps to take.

Buy 10 000 TENT Coin

The minimum amount necessary to hold a Masternode is
10 000 TENT Coin. You can buy this direct in TENT Wallet or on supported exchanges.

Get the TENT Core Wallet

Download and install our full node wallet for Masternode running and management here.

Create a VPS

Create your own Virtual Private Server and install Ubuntu on it. Specifications: 1 Core CPU , 1024 MB Memory,  20 GB HDD Storage, Linux Ubuntu. Tutorial on how to do this coming soon.

Start your Masternode

Final step is to start the Masternode. You can either use our in house Asgard Service, create it manually or use a third party solution.

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