TENT Coin - The official cryptocurrency of the TENT project developed by us for you.

A privacy oriented cryptocurrency with real world usage possibilities.

Enhanced Privacy

Real world usage

  • Enhanced Privacy

  • Real world usage

A better cryptocurrency for everyone

TENT Coin, first introduced in 2017, is a privacy-oriented Blockchain project with our own consensus model based on Masternode Proof of Work (mPOW).

We use collective computational power and our own network of masternodes to verify transactions on our very own blockchain.

The addition of Masternodes on the TENT network offers passive income to holders and an extra layer of protection making malicious attacks on the network virtually impossible.

TENT Coin Features


Proven mPOW Masternode system, TentSecure, constantly monitors for attacks.


Verified zk-SNARKs technology hides transactions between sender and receiver.


Proven reliable codebase under constant review by our team of expert developers.


TENT team members are real verifiable people,  whilst our white papers, roadmap & specifications are accessible for all to see.

TENT Secure

TENT Secure is a security implementation embedded into the TENT Blockchain network via Masternodes. These Masternodes both keep a copy of the TENT Blockchain and also monitor its condition for attacks.

For example, if attackers create a duplicated Blockchain of their own with more than 51% of the total network mining power, they create fake transactions within the network and trick exchanges into accepting them.

TENT Secure utilises Masternodes to monitor the number of transactions per block, working with mining pools and exchanges as a “man in the middle” to provide effective attack protection.

If there are any discrepancies between the original Blockchain and the fake one, the Masternode performs a verification and any signatures that do not match will be rejected, thus foiling any attack.


Please see below for the detail and technical specifications of TENT coin.


Consensus Mechanism: Masternode Proof-of-Work (mPoW)

Algorithm: Equihash 144,5

Total Coin Supply: 84,096,000

Block Time: 1 minute

Difficulty Adjustment: Every block

Reward halving: 2,102,400 blocks

Current Block Reward: 20 TENT

Current Block Reward Structure: 50% Masternodes (10 TENT) 30% GPU Miners (6 TENT) 15% Development Fund (3 TENT) 5% Treasury (1 TENT)


TENT Coin is the first Zhash-zkSNARKs (Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge) project to incorporate Masternode ownership, which is a passive way of generating TENT Coin.

Zero knowledge proofs offer shielded transactions which means that when two parties have a transaction, each party is able to verify that the other has the specific set of information required for the transaction.

When a shielded transaction takes place, only the sender and recipient know the specific details of the transaction while the network registers a transaction has taken place without revealing either wallet address or the amount transferred.

Asic Resistant

An application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) miner is a computer that is designed for the sole purpose of mining a specific cryptocurrency algorithm.

Bitcoin's SHA-256 algorithm used to be profitable mining it with only your computers graphics card (GPU) until ASICs were introduced, now ASIC miners dominate the bitcoin mining space.

Similarly, ASICs were about to be introduced on TENT's algorithm, Equihash(200,9), but we decided to fork into a more memory intensive algorithm, Equihash(144,5), making ASICs incompatible and obsolete.

It is important that TENT maintains a healthy GPU community and stays true to one of its core principles of being ASIC-resistant.

Invest in TENT coin

You can currently either buy TENT Coin directly from TENT Wallet, or on our partner exchanges. Join us in helping to create and distribute an accessible and secure cryptocurrency for everyone.


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Passive income with Masternodes

We offer our users the chance to secure ongoing passive income through holding Masternodes, which form an essential part of the Tent ecosystem.
1900  +
Active Masternodes
60  % +
of available TENT coin locked in Masternodes

Mining Pools

Founded in 2017, TENT is created by a team of diverse professionals committed to upholding the core values of the project, while continuing to develop new and exciting products for our customers to explore and enjoy.

See more about our team, roadmap and white paper here.

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