Instant access to your crypto

Access your cryptocurrencies quickly and easily with our dedicated payment card. Coming in Q2 2021.

Spend them in real life, worldwide with TENT's payment card.

Keep your cryptocurrency to hand

Whatever your reason for owning cryptocurrency, be reassured to know you can quickly access it for real world use.
  • Worldwide acceptance
  • Use for POS payments and online purchases
  • Can be connected to Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Managed in wallet with full transaction history and 24/7 customer support

Effortless Management

Coupled with our TENT Wallet application, you'll have the ability to track transactions and manage your TENT payment card.

  • 24/7 customer support to report lost or stolen cards
  • Block cards and order replacements
  • Track your transactions and manage your spend
  • Easily load your card with spendable currency for online purchases and POS transactions worldwide

How does it work?

TENT's payment card is a full crypto payment card. You can load it with any cryptocurrency supported in TENT Wallet and then use your TENT card for real world purchases.

We convert TENT Wallet supported cryptocurrency in into our own EURT stablecoin (EURO TENT) which is then added to your card.

Transparent Fees

TENT is committed to providing all our users a clear and transparent fee structure.

We are currently working on our fee models which will be released in advance of our full card rollout.

We anticipate our full fee structure will be ready in April 2021, ahead of the full card launch in Q2 2021.



No Monthly payment
Upgrade anytime

  •  24/7 Customer support for lost & stolen cards
  •  Worldwide payments at POS & online
  • Free card & no activation fee
  •  ATM withdrawals
  •  No fee usage



Monthly payment
No minimum term

  •   Free Card & no activation fee
  •  24/7 Customer support for lost & stolen cards
  •  Worldwide payments at POS & online
  •  Free POS transactions
  •  ATM Withdrawals



Monthly payment
No minimum term

  •  Free card & no activation fee
  • 24/7 Customer support for lost and stolen cards
  •  Worldwide payments at POS & online
  • Free POS transactions
  •  ATM Withdrawals

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