Project History

TENT was originally founded and created by Tinh Pham in late 2017 (originally SnowGem) with a vision to make cryptocurrency accessible, simple and secure for all.

January 2018

First cryptocurrency exchange to initiate live real-time XSG (Snowgem coin) trading was (now known as STEX).

February 2018

Initial testing phase of masternode technology was announced by Tinh Pham. Beta specifications were made available.

March 2018

An updated simple wallet client (version 2.0.0) was released for users to install. It became possible for users to create SnowGem masternodes.

April 2018

The first masternode payments were received by operators at block number 159,428. 

May 2018

The first SnowGem mobile application was released on the Android operating system. It became possible for users to store XSG on their phones. The SnowMine mining application tool was released.

June 2018

SnowGem blockchain successfully forked to an improved variant of the Equihash hashing algorithm (from <200,9> to <144,5>)

September 2018

SnowGem Modern wallet was released. It is a client which includes way more features than the simple wallet client. Presented with a more professional and seamless GUI, users can manage and monitor their SnowGem portfolio as well as other coins which are being added.

December 2018

The blockchain saw significant improvements when we activated the Overwinter fork. This made the sending of shielded transactions less power hungry and quicker with the introduction of zs addresses.

January 2019

We introduced our solution to secure our network called Thor's Hammer, which make 51% attacks redundant. 

April 2019

SnowGem Foundation was founded, making SnowGem a legally backed entity in the EU. Passed 1000 masternodes on our network.

May 2019

SnowGem was listed on the ATM’s providers by General Bytes, making it so SnowGem could be sold on every GB ATM in the world.

August 2019

Asgard was launched, it gave users the opportunity to setup masternodes with a one click system and have the nodes managed by our team in a secure way. This greatly reduced the strain answering setup questions had on our team giving us the freedom to work on our products.

October 2019

SnowGem backed hosting service was started, initially starting with 70 nodes, quickly rose to 200 nodes hosted and managed by the team.

May 2020

We released the first version of BitFrost(TENT Wallet) to our Beta testers, and a few days later it officially became available on Google Play and Apple Store.

October 2020

We announced that the SnowGem name would be rebranded into TENT. At that point we proudly announced our joint venture cooperation with MONEYZOOM Ltd. - payments specialist with a focus on emerging fintech products.

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