TENT - NEWS 6th February 2021

TENT is now stronger than ever with over 2000 masternodes on the network with a growing 4M+ market cap, this is only the beginning!

Team News

We are pleased to introduce a new member to our team , Sergei Rabotai. Sergei joins the team as our growth advisor, with a strong background in corporate technical sales for AI, Data Science and enterprise software solutions. Sergei will be responsible for new project outreach and overall growth strategy.

To accompany Sergei, we are building a global marketing team who will have experience in key areas of interest to help TENT grow as a business providing secure crypto payment solutions.


Our planned listing on a number of top 10 exchanges is going ahead smoothly, negotiations are being finalised. Once the opportunity for listing has been given (set by exchange), we will be able to legally reveal a bit more on the deal but essentially it will be a mutually beneficial partnership.

TENT Wallet

TENT Wallet v0.1.5 is currently being worked on as the next big milestone for the development team. The new version will have a complete new redesign with user interface and flow improvements. A new registration and login process will simplify using the app, while still maintaining security. A new wallet backup system will be introduced, allowing a single seed to be employed to backup all user wallets at once, saving time and reducing complexity. All these upgrades were made possible by feedback from users, so please get in touch if you have a suggestion.

Debit Cards

We are shortly going to open our crypto debit card registration programme with a new look and structure. Initially we will introduce the registration to the European Union due to demand, however anyone can register from around the world and we will notify you when our services become available in your country.

In the near future we will open a "beta" version of our crypto payment gateway for users to buy TENT using your current bank/credit card. We will use this to further perfect our services and bring new features to users.

Our crypto debit card fee structure has been finished, there will be a 3 tier system available to the public and a single tier system available for masternode holders with benefits. The actual financial fee structure will be revealed with the release of the next major version of the TENT Wallet (v0.1.5). 


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