TENT News 26th February 2021

TENT has a fantastic month of growth, structure and development with much more to come.

Dear community we have reached the end of February and it's time for a TENT Development community update.

TENT Wallet

TENT Wallet version 0.1.5 has been the main development focus for february and we are pleased that we have accomplished a great deal.

Here we have a sneak preview into the new dashboard on TENT wallet.


  • Pin and Biometric support to enable better integration with smart devices.
  • Tutorial pages, aimed at newcomers to the TENT ecosystem.
  • Single seed backup for the entire wallet.
  • Own bank Credit/Debit card support, enabling users to purchase crypto easily within the app.


TENT - General Bytes

General Bytes who are in charge of many famous ATM machines are in the process of updating their machines within the next few days, incorporating the TENT rebranding scheme.

We have actually brought one of these BATM machines for our office for demonstration and development purposes. The plan is to create better integration with exchanges (buying/selling) so that the process is more streamlined.


Our GitHub BATM update is available to view here.

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