TENT News 11th February 2021

Dear Community,

The market is upon us and it’s time to make moves.

We’ve been busy with a whole pile of updates and upgrades to TENT core, our wallet apps, extended masternode support, and much more for the last few months. In addition to these technical updates, we’ve added full time developers, recruited translators, and entered talks with a leading exchange platform to list TENT.


Taking these things into consideration, we recognize that it is important to have more frequent conversations with a wider audience across the internet to accomplish our goal of mass adoption. Over the coming weeks you can expect to see improvements to our communications and marketing materials across all platforms.


Particularly, we will be working to improve our listings on key coin info sites to ensure that the benefits of TENT are clear for all those out there looking for a gem. When we look at our market capitalization and the other projects in our range of the market-cap rankings, it is clear that TENT is one of the most undervalued crypto assets on the market. Making this clear for the wider crypto community will help drive mass adoption prior to the integration with the top tier exchange that has already been negotiated and concluded.


In addition to this, we will be upgrading the Roadmap to include more of our past achievements as well as provide a better view of our ambitions for the next several years. We appreciate your support as we work to gain TENT the attention it needs and the value it deserves. We may have been born in a bear market, but we’re bullish as hell.

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