TENT- 2021 and Beyond!

TENT are now firmly in place for a successful 2021, we are excited to share our latest updated Roadmap and Whitepaper and our plans for the year ahead.


As we start 2021 we would like to summarise our plans for the first quarter of the year (Q1).


As we build on last years debit card success, Q1 will see further testing on our infrastructure ensuring our top ups, swaps and card/wire transfers are smooth and reliable. The final release of TENT wallet v1.0 will be released which means we will move on to production class releases in the near future. The first official batch of debit cards (not testing) will be released to registered users. Most importantly as many people have been anticipating, we are going to list on a major exchange to open up new possibilities for our project. 


TENT Wallet - Our Flagship Product

TENT wallet is built on our blockchain foundation and provides modular accessibility services designed to make cryptocurrency easier to use in the real world. It consists of multiple separated and modular services, which together create our TENT Wallet, one of the most powerful cryptocurrency tools in the crypto space. TENT Wallet is designed to be accessed as a mobile application, and to be an easy to use, non-custodial light wallet. TENT Wallet is free to download and use, but registration is recommended for full access to all features.

Standard Features which can also be found in our Whitepaper

  • Buy cryptocurrency with your own bank debit/credit card.
  • Buy cryptocurrency via wire transfer.
  • Swap cryptocurrency easily without KYC with low fees.
  • Spend crypto worldwide securely.
  • Earn money with our cashback program.


TENT Wallet is a non-custodial wallet. Simply put, a non-custodial wallet is a type of Blockchain wallet that lets you be your own bank.

This implies that users have full control over their funds and the associated private key.

The biggest advantages to a non-custodial wallet are:

Users control their own funds - risk of data break much lower

Instant withdrawals - not relying on any third party service to confirm transitions.

To enjoy these benefits, non custodial wallets need the user to store their own keys and recovery phrases securely. Not your keys, not your crypto.


TENT Wallet functionalities which DO NOT need KYC, are: 

  • Creating, managing, sending and receiving coins
  • Swapping cryptocurrencies
  • Buying cryptocurrency via card
  • Buying cryptocurrency via bank transfer
  • Staking TENT Coin

TENT Wallet functionalities which DO need KYC are:

  • TENT Branded debit card registration, ordering, payments and top-ups

Third Party Solutions

TREZOR Hardware wallet support

TENT Wallet will be a TREZOR compliant wallet. This means that our users will be able to connect their phones together with a TREZOR hardware wallet and use all the benefits of TREZOR inside their TENT Wallet. 

We believe that this is a major step forward for security on mobile phones which enables easier access of funds via the user-friendly TENT Wallet application.

Users will then be able to receive, send and swap coins within their TREZOR Wallet as they will have the ability to top up their debit card directly from their TREZOR Wallet.

Whitelabel Services

For other projects interested in a swap service between cryptocurrencies and a branded debit card solution we have prepared an open SDK platform.

We can easily integrate any of other projects into our card program and those projects are able to use our customized solutions with their own brand, including individually branded debit cards.

We would like to offer this service to other projects who are interested in global mass adoption of cryptocurrency, stimulating real world usage via debit cards and open cooperation on this level.

TENT - Our Roots are Strong!

Our project has grown tremendously over the years, while we have recently changed our structure in the form of a rebrand, we are sticking to our core crypto principles. We will remain dedicated to being a privacy focused project while embracing all the features that come with it. We are going to build upon and continuously enhance our services to make sure we stay at the forefront of the market.

Bitcoin - The King

Many projects are keen to differentiate themselves from Bitcoin for whatever reasons but we must not forget that without this revolutionary idea of E-Money, we would not be here today or likely not in the same context. To that end, we will be hosting the official Bitcoin Whitepaper on our website for all to see. TENT embraces all genuine projects but we must remember where we came from.


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