SnowGem completes their rebrand to TENT

Cryptocurrencies that don't have a clear strategy won't stand out from other projects, even if there is a solid background, there is no guarantee of success. It is an important step of any project to identify and evaluate their marketing strategy to ensure that they remain focused on delivering the project's vision.

Rebranding is a popular and effective way of giving projects a fresh new look while underpinning and affirming the longevity of the project. Many projects from the past have successfully rebranded and reaffirmed their status within the crypto industry.

TENT - Why replace SnowGem?

As of the 13th December 2020 SnowGem - A popular cryptocurrency has rebranded to TENT.

SnowGem was founded in late 2017 by a small team with a vision to create a cryptocurrency for the people by the people. The project flourished into 2018 with no ICO or Premine, bringing Masternode support to the network which proved to be very popular with investors and supporters. Throughout late 2018 to mid-2019, the SnowGem team managed to develop an in house built multi-asset wallet called ModernWallet, An upgraded network for 51% attack protection using its Masternode network, negotiate strategic partnerships including listing at General Bytes ATMs, develop an automated Masternode management system called Asgard and gain legal status within the EU.

It was clear by early 2020 that the project was moving in the right direction, although Masternodes were a popular and worthwhile investment, the project was destined for more. The team began work on a payment system that exploded into a multi-asset light mobile wallet with swap support and a prepaid debit card. To ensure this new era of development moved swiftly. SnowGem made another strategic partnership with MoneyZoom ltd who is a global company specialising in fintech payment solutions.

SnowGem transformed into TENT with its new partners. Both development teams are working together well and products and services are being delivered quickly and to high standards. Early 2021 will put TENT at the forefront of adoption, bringing the goal of an accessible, simple, and secure cryptocurrency for all.

Core utility:

    • TENT - Native Currency
    • TentSecure - Proven masternode mPOW security
    • Masternodes - Strengthen the network and get passive income
    • TENT Wallet - Buy, sell and swap between currencies
    • TENT Pay - Payment card for worldwide us
    • Cashback Program - Get rewards for using your crypto

We’re still the same - XSG to TENT

SnowGem’s code and core values remain the same as they always have. The coin specifications are fundamentally the same, Masternode collateral remains the same. This rebranding package introduces a fresh new look to the project while ensuring the fundamentals are set for the future of TENT. 

Current holders and miners need not worry, TENT will be ASIC resistant like before using the  Equihash 144,5 algorithm. There will be no coin swap, just the ticker will be changed to TENT.

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