TENT Community Update 28 June 2021

One long-awaited “killer feature” that brings TENTpay a step closer to mass adoption is finally here.

We’re pleased to announce that direct in-app purchasing of your favorite crypto asset is now available in version 0.1.8. Users can now purchase TENT with their own debit cards inside the TENTpay app.

It also means that users can soon buy any cryptocurrencies that are supported by TENTpay directly in the app with their own debit cards, and swap them with any other supported cryptocurrency. Once this functionality is fully tested, we will improve against our competition with a steady cadence of onboarding new coins into TENTpay to ensure users have the widest possible variety of purchase and swapping options. This development means that our TENTpay app will be a direct competitor of fiat on-ramp apps such as Luno and CashApp.

We aim to make TENTpay the go-to wallet for many smaller crypto projects due to its ready availability and improved offering of liquidity to those communities. We also aim to support new projects by offering TENTpay inclusion from the start.

More coming soon: We’ll be revising our 2021 Roadmap to adjust for some of the successes and changes in direction we’ve experienced this year. As our Discord community is well aware, we have a pending listing with a major exchange that was contingent on our dropping zaddr support in May. We expect this listing to be finalized soon.

We also expect some interesting announcements based on the TENTslp tokenization work done to date. Our work in 2021 with both transparency and tokenization is expected to help us finalize the issuance of our own debit cards in the near future. We’ll update the Roadmap with expected testing and completion windows for these features soon.

If you don’t already have the newest version of TENTpay, you can download it directly from the app stores here:

Google Play 

Apple Store

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