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It’s a good time to remind everyone about the upcoming hard fork on May 10th, plus some additional important information further down the article. Let’s go!

What do you need to do? Very simply, just check your addresses in TENTCore and move any coins in an address starting with “z” to an address (that you control!) starting with “s”. It’s that simple. Please tell anyone you might recall was previously active in the community but has been inactive for a while. We really want to shout this out so no one gets left short

Why did we make this decision? 

Our goal is to make a cryptocurrency that is easy for everyone to buy, sell, swap and spend. Making a digital currency that is spendable in the real world means that our ecosystem must interact with financial institutions in a variety of regulatory environments. Continuing to support the privacy feature was more of a liability than an asset in meeting our goal of mass adoption. More clearly, top exchanges are actively de-listing many privacy-oriented projects, and our partners for debit card processing expressed concern about their ability to service the project long-term due to changing regulations. 

The vision for TENT is to have a complete ecosystem based on our multicurrency wallet which users can fund with their existing cryptocurrency reserves or by purchasing crypto directly in the app with their own debit/credit cards. They can then swap with other cryptocurrencies and fund TENT Cards - physical and virtual debit cards - to make purchases online and in the real world. This is an end-to-end digital currency system that allows cross-chain swaps between the on-ramp side and the redemption/purchase side. Through this system, users will be able to buy, sell, swap and redeem a wide variety of cryptocurrency assets all within a single application.

The release of this system will improve adoption by allowing us to integrate other crypto projects into the multicurrency wallet, providing the users of these projects (and the holders of their coins) with access to both the on-ramp gateway and debit cards by transacting across the TENT blockchain. Bringing these projects and their users into the TENT ecosystem will have a significant impact on the utility, reach and liquidity of TENT

Essentially, we are building the one-stop interface for users to access cryptocurrency on both the buy side and the purchase side - at the same time providing existing crypto projects access to demand and liquidity. We view the on-ramp gateway and the debit cards and key pieces of our mission to make a truly easy and useful cryptocurrency - neither of these would be possible with the continued support of zaddress shielding


After this fork is implemented, any coins that were previously stored in “shielded” addresses will no longer be accessible.

Technical details

Network Upgrade, codename Atlantis 

Atlantis network upgrade will happen at block height 1760000. This is scheduled to occur on May 10th 2021.

Please upgrade to this release, or any subsequent release, in order to follow the Atlantis network upgrade.

To update nodes for this upgrade one must follow these steps : 

  • To update TENT Core to latest daemon you just have to restart it. 
  • Update VPS daemon either by manual download or use of our script. ("version": 3010250) 

NOTE: Masternodes do NOT need to be restarted after the update or after the fork block! 

Masternode upgrade script for whoever needs it is here as always: (support arm64 also now) 

Masternode setup script for whoever needs it is here as always: (supports arm64 also now)


If you have any questions or need help with moving your coins, please join our Discord community.

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